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Mini Rabbit Snails

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I was looking around on Aquatic Arts and I saw these Mini Rabbit Snails, apparently they only get one inch long maximum. I've always wanted a rabbit snail but they are too big for my current only 5 gallon. They give no scientific name on the websites. So are these an actual thing? Would they do good in my planted 5 gallon? And does anyone have any for sale? (this might need to go in the WTB category) because aquatic Arts is sold out and they have been for awhile.
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I have 3 rabbit snails in my 6 gallon, and there doing great. They about about 3 years old. They are by far my favorite snail
I thought those ate plants.

I've never had a problem with them eating any of my plants. Plant Terrestrial plant Grass Landscape Flowering plant
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Ok, I got one, he is an orange rabbit snail, I am worried because the substrate, Fluval plant and shrimp stratum, is getting stuck to his foot when he lifts it up, should I use something finer like sand or is this normal? The stratum is about 1/2-1 pea sized
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