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Are these real?
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Nice shipping weather in most of the land... I need to hack back my 36gal tank, and have a couple of packages of the following:

  • Mini Pellia - you will get a ~2x2 diameter (or two 2x1s) pillow of that plant, which can be broken into pieces
  • Christmas moss - good sized portion of this nice densely growing moss
  • 2-leaved Pearlweed - small sample of this bright green ground cover or foreground plant
  • Anubias nana - piece of rhizome with some leaves
  • Cryptocoryne x willisii - small undemanding foreground with bronze/green leaves
  • Cryptocoryne wendtii - one green one bronze? until supplies run out. My Rubberlip has done quite a job on them, but the new leaves will be better!

I will throw in some other random clippings like H. angustifolia/compacta or Lagarosiphon and whatever else just drifts through my tank at the time.

All for $16 in a somewhat insulated priority box shipped out next Monday (3/24). Please pm me for paypal info.

Snails and algae are a possibility, although the tank where these come from doesn't have much algae at all.
Please google for plant images, and feel free to contact me with any questions.
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