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I have a large amount of Mini Pellia that I would like to sell. This stuff has been growing ever since I've set up the tank and I haven't done much maintenance with the tank asides from water changes. Decided to sell it off. There might be a small bit of algae, but I believe it shouldn't be an issue. I do have some snails in my tank, so please be aware of that when putting into your tank. Unless you decide to dip the plants in something first.

There is a good amount, enough to be able to allow you to fill a good amount of your aquascape with it. Unless you have of course a gigantic tank, then you might need more. :wink2:

These are two clumps side by side. When you buy a clump, it's a half of this clump.

Golfballs - $8 each
A Whole Clump (There's two in total) - $25 each

Also for sale is the Alternanthera Reinekii 'Mini' I have to the left of the Mini Pellia. I've left it growing and haven't trimmed it, hence why it's reached all the way to the top of the tank. Largely rooted. I can sell them for two bucks a stem. I have about ten of them.


Message me if you're interested. Unless you're ordering a large amount of plants, I will be using a small flat rate box from USPS for $7. Otherwise, I can ship in a medium flat rate box for $15.

Guarantee is live arrival only, should the plants be dead within the first two hours that a package has been delivered, provide me a picture of the plants and I can give you a refund.
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