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Mini-Bow 7 ~ need some suggestions!

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I have a 7 gallon tank that I want to use primarily for shrimp. Right now I have some cherries, and eventually I'd like to get some CRS. It only has a 14 watt light I'm debating whether or not I should try and retrofit it. I am replacing the white sand with black, either Eco-Complete or Tahitian Moon Sand. I love the look of Blyxa Japonica and HC, but would I have to do c02 to keep them? I don't mind upgrading the lighting, but I'm afraid to mess with c02 in case something goes wrong and I lose all my shrimp.

Do you think it would be beneficial to upgrade the lighting? Or should I leave it as is and just keep low-light plants? Are there any low-light plants that are comparable to Blyxa and HC? Is it possible to have an amano-type tank without doing c02?

Also, I'm looking for some ADA Amazonia and seiryu stones if anyone has any available.
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