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Mineralized Topsoil Enhancer Packs

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I put together Mineralized Topsoil Enhancer Packs, these packs are put together with the goal of enhancing any type of dirted tank. Whether it's mineralized topsoil, or miracle-gro organic potting soil these tabs will greatly enhance the substrate, and improve the health and longevity of your dirted tanks.

Each enhancer pack consist of the following root tabs

50 - Crushed red clay tabs
50 - Calcium & Magnesium tabs
50 - Osmocote+ tabs
50 - Flourite/ada amazonia tabs
25 - Azomite Powder tabs

Easy to use for anyone with a dirted aquarium; Just toss all of the tabs into the dirt substrate (except the azomite tabs, azomite tabs should be used once every month (NO exception), just make sure to bury the tabs deep into the dirt substrate and they'll enhance all of the dirt substrate and your plants will love them.

Asking $20 per pack

PM me if interested
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