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mineralized top soil and eheim

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Looking to purchase an eheim classic 2213, I know its not an expensive filter (seen it brand new for $70) but wanted to see if anyone was getting rid of one before I purchaed it. Hate to see things go to waist. Will be starting a 37 gallon planted tank and this will be my first eheim. Anyone doing the mineralized topsoil substrate? I dont have the time or space to do it so I wouldnt mind purchasing a kit from someone local and anyone getting rid of a 5lb co2 tank. Thanx
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Unless this is gonna be a shrimp tank, i would definitely go with a bigger filter. I am running an eheim 2217 on my 37 and its perfect for that tank.
I thought it was rated up to 55 gallons? the 2217 is rated for 159 gallons. Either way I'de take either or.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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