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Min distance tank from wall?

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Setting up this 125 (first tank) and I'm having to work some construction magic due to a house vent being right behind the stand. To keep the hi and cold temps away from the tank I'm building a special duct way behind the stand to split the air around it's left and right sides. Because of all this I'm sort of building my stand in place and won't be able to move it without reconstructing the entire little duct system behind it; the back of the stand is part of the duct system itself. question is...what's the minimum distance a tank and stand should be from the wall? Is there any reason it should be further away from the wall other than to allow whatever equipment needs to get through there? I'll be running two Eheim Pro 3e canisters in the stand itself and the tubes will snake their way up behind the stand and into the tank. Far as I know (and I'm still learning) the only equipment I'll have to leave room for is just those in and out tubes...or is there some other equipment I don't know about that I may want to use in the future that'll need to run behind the tank?

By the way the tubes leading from the tank to the filters won't interact with the duct at all. And I'll probably be using inline heaters locating them in the stand as well.
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Look at the Auto Cad drawings in this link/thread. A few people have seen that putting a box on the outside is just as effectiv as on the inside for a sump intake.
You didn't menton any sump but I thought I'd throw this in as it fits "any other reason"
and you never know when a sump might start to look good to you as they are a common type filter in larger tanks.
I find a minimum of 8 inches ,this allows for cleaning of back glass and maintenance of equipment , also a hob will fit
I usually go one foot away from the wall.
In the past,with tank's closer,the humidity sometimes had less than desired affect on dry wall/paint.
Like the fellows above suggest more room is usually better. It isn't the planned out things you need to make room for it is the unplanned things. For instance, yes your pipes will fit up behind the tank with an inch or two for room, but the day you break your lily pipe and the hose slips down behind your tank while spewing water every where will be the day you'll want to have enough room to get your hands back there quickly.
My first iteration of my 220g had the tank as close to the wall as you suggest - I am also running two Eheim Pro 3 canisters - but when I was forced to start over I pulled it away from the wall 9". I can see what is going on back there now plus there is room for my CO2 diffusion reactor.
I have a 90g close to the wall and it is a pain in the butt. Especially when you have custom plumbing and need to clean it out one day. When I move it will probably leave a foot or so back there.
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