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I have an used Milwaukee pH SMS-122 meter. It comes with three pH probes. Personal opinion, I would toss the pinpoint probe. The light blue one was used for a few weeks but the cord was too short, so I bought the pinpoint. I don't recall the status of the yellow "stock" probe (MA-911).

It also includes about five of the 7.01 pH test packets and the same number of 4.01 packets (I boxed it up a month ago, so I don't recall the exact number to test packets, 4-7 of each, same number of each).

Includes the screwdriver that came with it as well.

I did have to plug in a small wall wart on the output relay box via a 3 way outlet to make sure my solenoid would close. I assumed it was my solenoid, as I sent the original SMS-122 in to be looked over and they sent me a new one (years ago) and the brand new one worked the same way. It worked this way for years. I just clipped the plug off a small cordless phone wall transformer. Could have used a power head or a light or something similar - it was as if the relay or solenoid remain latched open unless there was a small drain current on the circuit.

I'm moving to a lower tech setup.

Asking $40 (OBO) shipped USPS Priority Mail (I'm assuming shipping will be about $11). I also have some plants FS, if interested, I'll combine shipping.

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