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Milwaukee MA957 owners

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This may sound like a dumb question, but when the co2 cylinder is empty...will the "left" gauge on the reg read "ZERO"?

Any ideas as to why, if the reg. doesnt read zero would a rhinox2000 diffuser spit out huge bubbles and the bubble rate on the counter doesnt hold steady? One day it gets turned up really fast, and then the next day is back down and bubbling really slowly in the counter??

Something not tight somewhere? out of gas? bad needle valve?:icon_redf

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If the cylinder is empty then the cylinder gauge should read 0.

Sounds like you got one of the bad regulators.

One cure that works for most people with the same problem is a new in-line needle valve.
The correct answer should be YES! However, if your still using the same gauges, then it is possible that it will not go all the way to zero.

Ive had 2 of these do this to me. I finally just went down to my local welding shop bought a better brand gauge and put it on there.

In fact, I'm slowly over the months replacing everything on it. The only thing that is the same is the regulator itself. Gonna be ordering a new needle valve soon, as I feel the one that comes with it just plain stinks!
Hmmm....well we recently got a splitter for this reg....will that solve the problem? We would still use the same bubble counter, but I guess I would be replacing the needle valve?

So far...not very impressed with these regs :(

Thanks everyone for your help:)
I have 3 of these and they all work great. Worst problem I have had is with a fussy needle valve. If your bubble rate is trailing off you need to increase the pressure on the low pressure side to say 30-35psi (using the big black knob). They needle valve has to have enough pressure behind it to work correctly, and I have found that with my fussy one, doing this helps.

You could also add a pH Monitor and turn up your CO2, so basically your BPS don't matter - the pH Monitor will turn it off when it gets enough...
Thanks dapellegrini....this is a new issue with my mother's reg. The only problem I have had with mine is with the selanoid

I will try to raise the pressure on the right guage using the black knob....when I noticed it was trailing off like this, I tried messing with the needle valve, and I kept saying "what a touchy needle" so maybe this will fix it

Thanks very much:)
Also, despite what Milwaukee says in their directions do NOT try to adjust the bubble count with the large black knob. I had the same problem, and also found the fix to be turning up the working pressure (for me it was ~ 45 lbs), and using the needle valve to adjust the rate.
Thanks walter! I only ever set the working pressure to ~10lbs as the directions say using the black knob, then I use the needle valve to lower the rate in the the directions say

Im glad raising the pressure on the right guage may fix it!

Thanks again everyone:thumbsup:
I just scored a slightly used regulator and both the gauge and the needle valve works perfectly!
Thats excellent eklikewhoa.....this is not my reg. its my mothers reg. and it seems as tho the right gauge is broke somehow....It worked when she first got it, and I set it up...following the directions...same way I did mine, and it worked....then all the sudden the bubble count wont hold a steady rate

I dont really know where to go from here...we messed with the black knob and the needle valve last night, and the right gauge didnt do anything....but it seemed as tho the bubble count in the counter went steady again...we will just have to keep our eye on it for now, and see what happens

What regs do members really like on here??

Thanks again everyone
Im glad raising the pressure on the right guage may fix it!

Thanks again everyone:thumbsup:
And ?????
and....the right gauge doesnt work:(
Sorry Ninja posted the question.

I have 2, both work, so I can't gripe. One is a Milwaukee, and the other regulator I have is from here:

At least your bubble count is steady.
Thanks Taz...hopefully it holds steady as well

I will keep that link in mind if we ever need to get new regs!

Thanks again
The low pressure gauge going TU on a Milwaukee regulator is a very common problem. So common they will not cover it.
Thats just wonderful!

She got home from work yesterday, and the co2 wasnt working, nothing in the bubble counter, so I had her mess with the big black knob, and eventually it started doing something.....the diffuser was blasting bubbles really irradically(sp) and the bubble count in the counter was doing the same thing:icon_roll

What is recommended at this stage of the game? There is a warranty card in the box, that says its good for six months after you register? She was going to write them an email today?

While your here rex, is there a link to where I can check out your co2 tubing? The cheapy stuff I bought a while ago keeps popping off my rhinox2000

Thanks very much:)
Hmmm, my high pressure guage is the one the quit on me. Guess I might as well stop on the way home from work and get the low pressure side for when it dies.

Shesh, pretty soon the only thing original will be the regulator! Oh well, thats what happens when the wipe won't let you spend the money the first time around!
Thanks sorry to hear your having trouble with your reg too:(

I guess they arent that and learn

Thanks again, and good luck:thumbsup:
Thanks very much Mike...I will check things out now! :thumbsup:
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