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Hi All,

I am having strange issue with my milwaukee co2 ma957 regulator.

I purchased this regulator New 1 year back. But I havent used this much.

Last Year when I used, I configured my bubble count to 10 bubbles per min on my Heavy planted tank with Eco Complete and Mineralized Soil Substrate. The Plants were Thrived. but Unfortunately after 2 weeks of contineous use with automatic timer, one day some how it released tun of bubbles/sec which caused CO2 issues in my tank and I lost 3 discus fish on that day. I thought accidently the volve might got turned when i did the water changes.

After that I havent used this device on my discus tank . My plants were doing OK till last month but not great. This month I started using this again and Today I ran into the same issue where it automatically released ton of bubbles without any interval for some time. I got lucked out this time because my wife figured the CO2 bubble count difference this time. After 3 hours of contineous Air Bubbles CO2 evoporation all my fish recovered. This time I am sure this is regulator issue. As of yesterday it was releasing 10 bubbles for min today the same setup released ton of bubbles(contineous flow). No one touched the aquarium cabinet from last water change (5 days ago)

I was wondering whether someone faced the same issue with this ma957 model( Milwaukee CO2 regulator with selenoid ) or any other CO2 regulator.

If so how to resolve this issue. If this is an issue with regulator, does Milwakee Instruments replace this selenoid.

Please share your experience.
Thanks in advance.
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