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This is a newer development in both of my tanks with DIY co2 - there's this nasty white build up covering the entire airstone. Last week during my water change, I removed it, but it's back again. Any ideas?

co2 setup - two 2L plastic containers with the following mixture:
-2c sugar
-1 tsp baking soda
-1/2 tsp yeast

I swap out one container a week in order to maximize the co2 output.


Bump: Here's another pic - wouldn't let me upload it for some reason.


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Interesting. It also has a foul smell, so I'm assuming that it's bacterial?
That, I am not sure of. It might be fungal (perhaps the yeast?) though it is a bit questionable of how they would make their way that far through the tubing.

The fact is, however, that a separator bottle will increase the time it takes for the gunk to build up, so it might be the yeast.
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