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I have had my tank set up for 3 months now and I am having a serious problem with a bacterial bloom. I can't get rid of it. Water changes only make it worse and the tank looks awful. Considering it's a 6ft tank and was supposed to be the pride and joy in the front room, I am starting to hate it.

We had the initial bacterial bloom after set-up, but that was just like a bit of cloudy water and disappeared very quickly. We then had a small outbreak of green water, but as soon as the plants started to grow in, that disappeared as well.

Then I made the mistake of using the water conditioner which was supplied with the tank and I have had a milk soup ever since. It also stuck the fins of my Siamese fighting fish together and he is only slowly recovering. The conditioner apparently contained filter bacteria (Fresh Start) and Slime Coating stuff (affecting the fighting Fish).

What can I do to get rid of it ? I can see about 10cm into the water, then it goes off. I can't even see my plants. I will post water parameters later, but they should be pretty good, considering I only have 4 small fish in there.

The water is definitley not green. It looks like red-top milk. How do I get rid of that stupid bacteria ?

Cheers, a very frustated Madpiano
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