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Milky Water after installing UV

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I installed my new UV unit around 1:00. And now 4 hours later the tank looks like skim milk!

Is this normal? Anything I should do?

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What kind of UV sterilizer is it? I'm just wondering about the possibility that it needed some rinsing out first.

Did you have cloudy water before? I used mine to kill green water and the first day the water changed hue just a little but didn't clear up for like 4 days. I think it killed the algae the first day but resulting color change was minor.
It is a turbo twist 12X. I thought the same thing about being cleaned first, but didn't find anything in the instructions about it. I guess I see what happens by morning. So far the fish don't seem bothered by it.
Did you have green water before? Maybe stuff your filter with floss for the night and pull a lot of that out.
I bet the iron in your tank is precipitating. Do you have hard water and dose plant food in your tank?
I EI does this tank. What happens when iron precipitates?
I EI does this tank. What happens when iron precipitates?
Iron can cause water to cloud a little, As orlando said it is most noticable in hard water. I see it now and then in my tanks. No big deal and it will clear up in a few hours. And I always use uv and would not own any type of aquarium without one attached.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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