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Milky looking Blue Pearls

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My shrimps seems to turn milky white in the middle and with time they turn more milky and dies off after a week or so and I've been having at least 1 death a week.

Does anyone know if leaving the lights on your shrimp tank for too long harming them or stressing them out as i've read it somewhere online and how long should my lights be on daily?
I've got 4 shrimp tanks and 3 of them are fine but my Blue Pearl tank. The water parameters are fine.
Here are my water parameters.
pH 7.4
gH 5
kH 4
TDS 247
Copper 0
Nitrine 0
Nitrate 0
Ammonia 0
Temperature 72-75

I use to leave my lights on from 8 am till 11 at night and am wondering if that caused it.
I was also told the thinkness of my gravel might have something to do with it and now I have half an inch of black sand covered with 2 inch of black gravel.
Someone told me that it might just simply be stress and I cannot find out what is stressing them.
I've also started adding water slower in the tank so it doesn't give them a shock from the temperature change.
I've also been told to add trumpet Snails in the tank as it might be a bacterial infection and that the snails will clean the gravel to keep the tank cleaner.
I do at least a 30% water change every week using syphon filter and I do try not to disturb the gravel too much.
I've also added some Catappa leaves in there.
Am not sure if this will help you guys understand whats going on in my tank but I've also got christmas moss,java moss and Anubias and also another plant which i do not know the name of.
Theres a driftwood with some clay shrimp caves and also a double sponge filter with an aquaclear HOB filter.
For water change i do around 75% tap water + 25% Ro water and so top off I use 100% Ro water.
And I do have my 50 Gallon HOB on the lowest flow for the water flow.
Am still new to the hobby and I cannot figure out whats wrong with the tank and its starting to get stressful as i've already tried everything online.:icon_sad:
Thanks all in advance.
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Milky white/cloudy white is seem like a bacterial infection. I used maracyn-2 on my tank with bacterial infection few weeks ago.
yeah, treat that fast because it definitely sounds bacterial. Probly wouldnt hurt to lower your temp 2-4 degrees. Search for bacterial infections and you'll find all the info you need. If you find any dead shrimp from the "milkyness" get them out fast. Depending on how big your colony is, it may be in your best interest to get all the ones that look like that out and quarantined. Treat everyone though.
Am not sure how to treat them or with what and does the maracyn-2 work?
And would maracyn-2 kill beneficial bacteria in my tank?
I tried melafix, paraguard, and maracyn2. Only maracyn2 worked for me. And no, it won't kill the BB.
Thanks a lot guys and i'll be trying the maracyn2, called my local fish store and they didn't have any in stock so I've ordered some online.
keep us updated. i want to know if it works.
how do you use this?
Maracyn-Two Powder Freshwater Active Ingredient Each powder packet contains 10 mg Minocycline activity. NOTE: Be sure to treat for the full duration recommended, even if symptoms disappear after a few days. DO NOT overdose. Follow dosage directions as detailed on the product packaging.

Dosing Instructions First day, add 2 packets per 10 gallons of water. On the second through fifth day, add 1 packet per 10 gallons of water. Repeat this 5 day treatment only once if needed. You need to accurately determin the volume of your tank before you can adjust the dosage to the volume of your tank.

Scale to your tank size. 5 gallon will be 1 package in day 1 and half packet for the rest of 4 days.
You can get Maracycin 2 @ petsmart and Petsupermarket, Maybe petco.
Ordered some and won't be here until the 10th. I've seperated 4 so far that looked really white but some others are infected too but at this point ill have to take the risk or moving half of the shrimps to my quarantine tank. Lets hope my shrimps can make it till then.
This is the one i've ordered and its only 8 packs and am hoping that its going to be enough. Freshwater Maracyn-2 Powder 8 Pk: Pet Supplies
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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