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I have not done this in a while: I schlep around my tanks trimming / pulling what no longer has room to grow and dump it into my kitchen sink. The sink is 16" x 18".

I do have snails in my tanks.

So far we have:
Ludwidgia repens x acuata (~ 7 stems)
Ludwigia inclinata var. verticillata 'Cuba' (as shown)
Blyxa Japonica (~20 plants)
Rotala Colorata (~12+ stems)
Stargrass (~20 stems)
Italian Vals (Vallisneria spiralis)
Hygro Thai / Brown (~5 stems)
Creeping Jenny Golden (Lysimachia nummularia) (~5 stems)
Floaters (on request)

Next up: Pearlweed (HM), Mayaca, more Vals, Brazilian Pennywort, Nesaea pedicellata (Ammania) 'Golden' (?), ... :icon_twis

I also have one nice, smaller Red Tiger Lotus I need to re-home: add $5.

$35 shipped for all you see + w/e else I find through the end of Sunday.

Shipment: USPS Priority w/tracking within USA only. I do not use heat/cold packs.
Payment: PayPal

at 4:00 am, no one locked into "intro" price, bump to $35:

at 2:00 am , getting fuller, but still at $25 for all total:

at 11 pm at $25 total:

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