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Microsword - Trimming

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My microsword carpet has gotten a little tall. Is it alright to just cut the tops down to desired levels? Will they just grow back, or is this the wrong thing to do?

It has grown a little tall, so I think I will give it some more light and see if I cant keep it lower. Just want to know if the way I plan to trim is alright.

Thank you for looking!
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Is this a thick, well grown-in lawn?
Yes, extremely thick. This stuff grows like crazy for me.

I just took a bunch out and re-scaped my tank. So at the moment only parts are thick. But whenever it all grows back (3-4 weeks) I would like to take a good trimming to the whole thing.
You can try trimming, however it will keep growing tall as long as the lawn is thick. Your best bet is to thin the lawn out or pull it and replant the lawn.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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