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Micronutrient Supplements and Shrimp.

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So I'm getting back into doing planted tanks after about 5 years of only keeping cichlids. I previously had a high tech 150 gallon that I did EI on for several years.

I've converted my 55 gallon into a planted tank with pressurized CO2 and high light (4 HO T5s, though likely will only run three). I plan on doing EI as I did before.

I would really like to have some cherry red shrimp. I really like them, but Im concerned about dosing Plantex CSM + B given its copper content and what I have read about it being so toxic for them.

Is there a micronutrient supplement out there without copper?
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The amount of copper in CSM+B isn't enough to intoxicate them. Unless you highly over dose, you should be fine.

Miller Microplex has a much higher copper content
Thanks, much appreciated.
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