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micro clouds

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I have bred WCMM again and have the fry in a 4gl nano tank while I am growing them out somewhat. They are about a month old and about a 1/4" long. My fear is that they are somewhat stundted due to the amount of fish in the size of tank they are in. They are starting to look like miniature versions of their parents. I have bred them before and grown them out to the right size, but for somereason, these look like they are going to be micro-clouds due to stunting. Could these be a somewhat "new" nano-tank inhabitant? Like, for a 5.5 gl Nano you could actually have 5-6 of these no problem in it without overcrowding to give them a proper school and go give a decent amount of fauna in a nano-tank.
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I think they will grow out... I thought I had tiny WCMM but they grew out, but they grew a lot slower than my other fry.
I've had success in 29 gallon completely natural tank. The filter is giant duckweed. The light is indirect from south windows in a sun room. No heater. No real water changes. I add RO water to replace that which had evaporated and carbonate every few months when I siphon out excess crud on the bottom of the tank.

In the spring, the adults layed eggs on the side of the tank. When I noticed fry on the tank, I moved the adults to an outside tub and added green water every few days for the fry. When got larger, I added ground up spirulina flakes (it was a fine powder.) There are other critters in the tank as well since it was started last fall from outside tub water as it got too cold for the tubs to remain productive.

You will probably have better luck if you put the fry into another tank to grow them out.

These are cute little fish. Wish you all the luck.
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