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Micro 1.5 Gallon Betta "pond"

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I decided to do a quick experiment/tranfer tank project. My betta hasn't been getting allong with ANYTHING I put in his tank including, snails and himself! so I'm trying to set up a 5 gallon for him.

In the meantime while his new tank is settling and cycling I decided to set up a "micro pond".

It has hornwort, flame moss, some floaters, and two almond leaves (keeps him super chill!)


azoo palm filter (for flow)
azoo galaxy PC daylight fixture
sand and shrimp sand substrate mixture
small betta heater

Heres the betta setling in and looking confused :p the almond leaves seem to calm him.


I have it sitting on my desk since I moved the 2.5 back on my shelf.


Here's a vid a week after setup:
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That's a pretty cool set up. Love the scape. I just don't get why you call it a pond(?)
Maybe because it looks like a pond. Round, not too deep, floating pads, stem plants below, dead leaves, sandy bottom. :)

LOL, aguilar3.

I have a moment like that at least once a day.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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