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Michiana Orchid Society show and sale

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I just got back from the annual MOS show and naturally took lots of pictures of the displays, and I thought I'd share a few of the shots I got.

I took lots more pictures, so if anyone wants to see more I'll gladly post a few others.
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Whoa! The 3rd and 4th ones are awesome! Did you buy any? Pics? I have several, but as soon as I spend big $$ on one it dies on me. Love the orchids but not very good at growing them.
Nice going Adam. Hey you gotta watch for J & L Orchids at shows. They bring the awesome miniatures to sell.
Love the orchids but not very good at growing them.
Same here.
If you keep a few of the important points in mind the hardy kinds of orchids really are pretty easy.

A lot of the windowsill type orchids (Oncidium, Cattleya, Phalanopsis) are really easy to keep so long as you don't overwater them. They often do best if allowed to dry out between waterings. It is important also to use good water. Tapwater in most areas is too hard and contains other bad stuff, such as flouride and heavy metals. It is usually better to use RO or rainwater.

Some of the little hardy terrarium miniatures are super easy and seem to thrive on neglect as much as anything else.
I had a Phal, but it died in a week or so. I stuck it in a glass vase, but then ppl kept telling to put it in a orchid pot. So I put it in a orchid pot then it started dying.
I have a couple of orchids in my back drop above my 150. But it is not easy to find any orchids other than the common ones you see everywhere. Trader Joes actually has one of the most consistently better selections.
Thanks guys! I picked up a Masdevallia Fractured Angel, a Maxillaria tenuifolia x sanguinea, and an Oncidium Twinkle red form while I was there. The Masdevallia is blooming now and the Oncidium is absolutely loaded with buds, but I don't have any pics of them yet. I'll try to post a few sometime soon.

There were so many orchids at the sale I spent almost an hour just deciding on those 3. If I hadn't kept myself in check, I could have spent a huge amount of money there ;)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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