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Hello everybody I just re setup my 20 gallon long to be a planted aquarium that will house nano fish. I am hoping that all of the fish will breed as I will have a lot of hiding spots.

The Specs


Aquaclear 50 HOB Filter
150 watt Marineland Visitherm Heater
Stock 24in T8 Fxture


Eco Complete
Pool Filter Sand
Flourish Root Tabs


Java Moss
Hygro corymbosa Stricta
Needle Leaf Java Fern


12 Boraras maculata
8 Microdevario kubotai
6 Danio margaritatus
12 Corydoras pygmaeus
3-4 Dario hyginson or Dario dario
Red Cherry Shrimp

Tell me what you guys think

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Well it has been awhile since I updated this journal but is doing well. It does not look much different but the plants have filled in a little more. I have also stocked it with:

20 Boraras maculatus
Some Emerald Danios
Tons of Cherry Shrimp
Some Otos
Possibly 3 Dario hysginon but I jave not seen them in a while

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Hey I was wondering what I fish I should add to compliment the fish in there presently? Some of the fish that I am looking at are green neon tetras, cardinal tetras, Trigonostigma hengeli, or something else. what do you all think? I was thinking green neons becasue I have seen how they look when acclimated but they do not always look very bright. I plan to add a school of 10 or so. Give me your advice please.
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