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Hey Guys & Gals,

I just wanted to send you guys this proposal and was curious if any of you guys are interested in setting up a local club dedicated to the aquatic
plant hobby? We could have meetings once a month, at different people's houses? if that is okay with them. I unfortunately cannot host any meetings
since I don't have a home for myself, so I don't think my parents would like it. But anywhere else would be cool.

During these meetings we could discuss many topics regarding to the aquatic plant hobby.

Here are some to throw at you;

- Lighting / Photo period Factors
- Better Growth / Different Methods of Fertilization
- Takashi Amano? (One of the best Aquascapers!)
- Maintainance Tips
- Pruning / Prorogation Methods
- A lot more!!!

We could also bring in any clippings to trade with one or another, possibly some hardware or anything of that sort. We could also all chip in and
order dinner for the meeting. Stuff like that.

As for certain meeting dates, I will have to get to that. First I would like to know if people are interested.

I would also like to set up a website for our club, I am thinking about Michigan Aquatic Plants Association, and the site will probably be , I would do all the updates and what not for the website.

If you guys are interested, we could definitely set one up and get a club going around here.

Thank you for your time, enjoy.

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Grand Valley Aquarium Club

There already is a pretty decent club that does both salt and freshwater tanks. There auctions have alot of plants just hit a swap meet last month and pretty good selection. You don't need to be a member to buy /sell /etc. check them out at the link above.
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