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Metal Mesh/Screen to attach Plants

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I live in Toronto, Canada but curious where members get a metal mesh/screens to adhere their plants to? I tried some hardware stores like Home Depot but I was unsuccessful in finding them. Are there other cost-effective alternatives I can use to attach plants to? I haven't had much success finding something that's relatively cheap and effective.

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Have you tried Michaels? They could have some plastic mesh.
I never found any local source for them, you can buy them online though. There might be some people in the gta forum you can ask that might have. But local stores? Nope, I never found any. If you do find a store that carries them, let me know haha.
good idea! i wanted to check out michaels last weekend but haven't had the chance yet!


Have you tried Michaels? They could have some
plastic mesh.
The stuff Michaels sells is probably your best bet . if you want metal , go for between 10x10 and 15x15 316 stainless steel . Look on eBay if you only need a square foot or so , or try McMaster-Carr ( though I don't know if they have a presence in Canada); especially if you want bigger pieces .
You can get sheets of white plastic screening from hobby stores as it is used for macro-may (SP? that colored yarn they make dopey pictures with and hang on walls). Tougher plastic screening is available in smaller sizes from plant stores and is used to cover the bottom of plant pots with. Often called bonsai screens because I guess you need it for them. It is all available from Ebay.
I'd try whatever your local crafts/sewing store is. I thought they used it for needlepoint, but I don't know enough about those specific crafts, so possibly macrame as well.

The Michael's in my area don't carry it any more, but the Jo-Anne's do. And they usually have a decent variety of colors and mesh sizes. If you have big Wal-marts or K-marts or whatever in your area, it's worth checking them too. I've been in ones that have a special craft/sewing department, and sometimes they will have it.

As to metal mesh, I imagine buying off the internet is probably the best bet, most stuff in hardware stores is either aluminum or galvanized steel, and neither one is something you really want in your tank. You want a decent quality stainless steel, I think 300 series, but I'm a bit out of the look on steel types.

If you are dealing with moss and similar, you could always superglue it to a tile or piece of slate or something similar.
Cut up a loofa (poofy shower thing) and use that as the mesh. It's very soft and easy to deal with.
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