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Hey guys & gals, I am a newcomber here. I used to take care of reef aquariums in the past and have been keeping tanks ever since I was a teen. I just recently became interested in keeping a planted freshwater tank.

I think that I made a mistake the other day and ordered a 48" metal halide system that provides 2x250w de metal halide bulbs. I figured that it was going to be necessary to grow plants in the lower part of my tank. (tank is 110g 48x18x30) I then found some 6500k de bulbs on ebay and ordered a couple of those to replace the 15k bulbs that are coming with the fixture. I do have an outer orbit 192w fixture that I could use in addition to the MH's. Anyways, everything that I am reading on here seems to say that you dont need MH's for a planted tank.

Any thoughts?
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