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Mermaid weed help

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I have a question that’s been irritating me for about two weeks now. Everything was going great and my mermaid weed was growing like crazy but about two weeks ago I’ve noticed parts of the stem Turing black and eventually falling off, especially on the new baby stems growing in. Has anyone ever dealt with this or have any ideas of what may be going on?
My routine is the following:
Flourish excel 3 days a week
Flourish iron 3 days a week
Flourish 2 days a week
I put root tabs under all plants about 4 weeks ago.
Water changes 25% every Saturday
I do use co2 everyday and use the sea chem drop checker to keep tabs.
money more important detail is full spectrum lighting 9 hours a day
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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