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melt or dead?

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So i set up a 26 bow front 3 weeks ago. I put in some Italian val and willow hygro. It was a very low light tank at that time. I put a new t5no two bulb fixture on the tank, which now makes it"medium" light. My val looks pretty haggard and is following apart. Is there a way to tell if it is melting vs dead?
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What was your previous lighting like?

It is possible that the Vallisneria is just adapting to the new lighting conditions. Do you currently dose any fertilizers and/or other supplements (i.e. Excel)?
I use the seachem root tabs and the comprehensive plant supplement.
I have a 2bulb T5NO fixture on my 36bow and really like it. My willow hygro in particular seems quite happy.

More than 50% of my plant leaves melted away in the first 3 weeks they were in my newly set-up tank. After that they slowly turned around and now everything seems to be thriving.

At one point I posted a message similar to yours and was told to be patient with the plants as they adjust to their new surroundings....good advice.
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