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I don't keep them but this site is pretty reliable for Rainbowfish info.
Adrain Tappin is one of the foremost exerts on rainbowfish, he is the Author of the book.

Thanks for the link aquabruce .. that was the first one I came across & seemed to have the best info. I did a bit more searching and found some additional info. Most say 4" long so will assume that rather than the 8" I saw one place.

I also came across a Rainbow fish forum that has actual user experiences with it as sometimes that is the most helpful.

Thanks to both of you for replying.
You found the best form for bows :)

If you got pure genetic strain they will max out at 10cm in captivity, if they happen to be Florida bred fish, they are more likely than not a hybrid. So the full size is anyone's guess. I would side with smaller though.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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