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medium tech?co2 and no ferts or light dosing?

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Wow, i'm all over the place arent i?

well, i'm picking up a used system. 55g, co2 setup, lights (looks like 4x48", assuming t8?)

and a cascade 1200 filter.

I don't want a high tech tank that i have to babysit. but i'm also wanting to do a little bit more than the light light plants.

I assume it would be possible to push low levels of co2 into the tank w/o the requirement of additional dosing? how much?

I was really liking the idea of a low tech tank... but this deal came along and i had to jump on it so now i'm kinda scrambling for more information on a "medium tech" setup that won't require babysitting water parameters.

I plan to have the tank heavily planted and well stocked.
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