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Medium or High light with this light setup?

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This is my first post to the forum, I'm new to setting up a planted tank properly. My first foray into keeping plants was over 5 years ago and I had no clue what I was doing. When someone dumped a beer into my tank I abandoned plants and just stuck to fish only. So now I'm redoing my 29 gal and hopefully, this time, it'll flourish.

With all the lighting options out there I got pretty overwhelmed and so decided to try out the new Marineland Aquatic Plant LED System. I'm still waiting for it to arrive so haven't had a chance to play with it yet. I'm trying to learn all there is to know about lighting but honestly it's confusing to me. :icon_eek: I need some help!

35 watts (and from what I gather total wattage is less important for LED?)
1 watt 6500 K LEDs
3 watt RGB LEDs - provides 660nm red light, 460nm blue light

Lumens 2240
PAR/LUX @12" 172/10530
PAR/LUX @24" 83/4810

My 29 gal tank is 18" so I'm guessing my numbers will fall somewhere in the middle for PAR/LUX?

My question is this - Based on the LED lighting specs, would I be able to grow medium or high light plants? Also what my PAR/LUX numbers might actually be.

A little more info - I do not plan to do CO2, that might change down the road, but it's not in my immediate plans. Layer of Eco Complete topped with gravel.


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If you don't use CO2 you will need to limit the PAR, at the substrate, to about 30 micromols. You can't do that with the light you have ordered. That one will give you over 100 micromols, very high light. A Marineland Double bright LED light would work much better.
I may go ahead and try a DIY CO2 system then. I would really like to make this light work, I love the features it comes with. Thanks!
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