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hey everyone, I am new to this forum and just had a question about lighting.
I recently bought a used 75 gal tank and it came with a hood that can fit 3 T8's. I have HOT5's on my current setup (30gal) but am unfamiliar with the T8's. I want to have medium to medium high light with injected CO2 and liquid ferts (Excell, Flourish, and Iron) for the 75 gal. I will be transferring my plants from my 30 gal high tech setup (swords, anubius, hygro, red tiger lotus to name a few) and want the 75 gal to be extremely heavily planted. Im not looking to grow plants that are super demanding, but I do want tons of growth overall. Will I be able to get to the medium - low end of high light with the right combination of 3 T8 bulbs, or should I get another lighting unit and use the T8's as supplemental lighting? Here is one unit that I was considering (Finnex Ray2): : Finnex Ray2 Aquarium LED Daylight, 48-Inch : Aquarium Lights : Pet Supplies

Also looking at the Finnex Planted Plus as my main source. Ive been doing a lot of research and people seem to like this one over the Ray2 for the red lights that the Planted+ incorporates.

I am looking to keep cost somewhat low and have heard that LEDs are great in the long run, but I also would like to use the T8 structure that I already have. I would love any feedback on T8s, Ray2, or the Planted+.

Thanks a lot!

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