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medium lighting for a 10 gallon?

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A friend of mine is looking for ways to have medium lighting over his standard 10 gallon tank. He's planning on a dwarf hairgrass carpet.

Any pointers?
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Hi. I am running a 10 gallon, have since April.

A single T8 is not going to do it - maybe 2 T8s.

I just put in 2 13w Compact Fluorescent Lights, which I'm finding excellent, although a little bright. I recommend 2 10w CFLs. They are screw-in just like light bulbs and mounted in what is known as brooder reflectors (very dent-prone). The color temperature must be between 6500K and 6700K. I couldn't find them in the local hardware store or Home Depot so I ordered from an internet site - they didn't have 10w. They color temperature is referred to as "daylight" or "full-spectrum", but look for the actual color temperature.
I have 2 T8s 4" above my 15G and I'm at medium lighting, even having 2 T8s sitting on top of the tank will be medium lighting. 10s and 15s are really close to the same height (off by maybe .5") so the lighting should be the same for the 10
I was thinking two T8's too. Where could he find the dual fixture of that size though?
I would go with either Lowes/Home Depot/Menards and see what they have first as that will probably be yours best bet if you want a dual fixture. I have 2 single fixtures above my tank from PetCo/PetSmart with white reflectors
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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