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medium light

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So the willow hygro and italian val in my 26 bow (24 x 15 x 21) was not doing well. I decided to change the standard double light the tank came with to a coralife T5NO with a colormax bulb and a 6,700K bulb. Is this tank now considered a medium light tank? My val and hygro look kind of rough, how long does it take them to turn around? Thanks
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It should be medium light. Do you use pressurized CO2? That will do more for the plants than any other thing.
No but I do have excel. Should I use it on this tank?
Yes, try it. It wasn't until I started using Excel in my 37g to clear up algae did my red plants actually turn red. But in the long run, Excel will be more expensive than CO2. DIY should suffice in a medium light tank 26g, but if you've got the means, pressurized is always better.

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