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Hi everyone,

Thanks for reading. I've got a 60 gallon with a bunch of fish and three species of plants. My smallest (and least expensive) fish, a little clown loach, broke out in Ich bumps a week ago now. Since I have some scaleless guys (the loach, elephant-nose), I've been treating for Ich but at the half-dose recommended on the bottle of Rid Ich. I've taken by carbon out and have been doing 25% water changes every day before medicating again.

The fish is still alive but my plants, woe is me :eek5:, they are covered in blueish dark stuff (it's not algae) from the medication. Should I stop medicating though the clown loach still has white spots? Will this "ooze" kill my plants? How to get rid of it once the treatment is over --- will a 50% water change alone do it?

Thanks a million for the help!
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