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Did "they" tell you the limestone will drive up your PH ?
Not a complete test but if you pour a little of vinegar on any rock and it fizzels...don't.
Probably don't matter if you intend Chiclids but then they don't usually go/w plants.
Just a thought, but this site sells plastic mesh in various sizes. You could make a virticle "mat" of mosses etc to cover the filter from it.
See "Plastic canvas: sheets" The smaller the number the bigger the holes #5 is just under 1/4" and would probably make a good mat but unfortunately only comes in white.
I have Alternathera reineckii in both my tanks and the one in the tank/w more iron in
it is a darker red even though the other tank has more ferts and higher light.
Saying this because my Repens also started out green in/on the new leaves so I got rid of it not knowing they needed to adjust to the tank. People on here say the iron don't help the red but what about those results I just mentioned? Some people I should say.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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