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My MC has been growing well until 2 weeks ago.....

I began to notice certain portion is turning transparent (is this called Chlorosis?) .... And the effect is spreading slowly to a wider and wider area....

See photo
Plant Light Green Grass Terrestrial plant

Affected area...

Plant Green Purple Terrestrial plant Grass

Zoom in...

Plant Flower Light Green Leaf

View from the top

Been dosing
- K 1.5ppm daily
- P 1.0ppm bi-daily
- N 2.5ppm bi-daily
- Lushaqua Micro 3 drops bi-daily
(my Micro trace is pretty mild
Fe 0.0106ppm
Mn 0.0028ppm
B 0.0002ppm
Zn 0.0003ppm
Cu 0.0001ppm
Mo 0.0002ppm)
- FE 0.005ppm every 4-days

Lights: Zetlight 6300 with 8 hrs daylight (Level 24 intensity)

CO2: On and Off 1 hour before daylight.

1) Anyone knows what happened?

2) Should I remove all the affected portion?

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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