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Mbuna semi-planted tank

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heres my new setup... we will see how the plants go.

let me know your thoughts
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The only thing mine want eat are anubias.

Holy crap I just realized youre from Gloucester as well. LOL
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lol.. hey by the courthouse

yeah well most of the plants that are in
there are from other tanks so no loss if
they eat them.. then i bought a melon sword
amazon sword and a crypt.
From what I have read, plants do best in mbuna tanks if they are added before the fish, likely because the mbuna will view them as just a part of the scenery and not as part of the food provided by the omnipotent flake guy.
I actually live in the courthouse too.

That pic is of the 180G in my finished basement.

I just started adding the anubias. I plan on more wood, and anubias on the right side, then some on the back left as well, most likely.

They ate all the java moss, all the java fern, and all the jungle val. In fact they ate the jungle val practically whole. The biggest metriaclima ndonga swallowed the whole thing. he is a big F1 fish, so.... But still. Yet they will usually graze any algae off the anubias without harming them. I just need more driftwood and plants for the tank.
all the plants were added before the fish.. in the back corner is riccia as a treat
sweet tank, i used to keep africans cichlids, kinda miss all the fast swimming action that they give out and the colors also
My 100g is mbuna I a few different types of plants they never really bothered any of them, I think the most important thing is to put a rock at the plant base so they don't get dug up.
From what I have been reading is that most plants will be OK if you keep the algae off of the leaves. So we will tell in time
I removed the algae eaters and I'm trying to grow algae on the driftwood , I'm noticing they like to eat the algae off of it my Anubis has some algae because it sits closer to the light and they don't bother that plant
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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