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max postage time

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Hi, what would be the longest a plant, glossostigma for example could survive in the mail? I´d like to get some glossostigma and would need to get it from abroad. Shipments that are anything short of global express guarenteed is supposed about 6 to 10 days from the US. Is there any way that a small amount of glossostigma could survive that?
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bump, anybody have an idea? or is this a lost cause?
depending on the temperature it could survive. If the temp was the mid 60's 8 days would be OK but not great IMHO. The plant would survive and you wwould probably have to nurse it a little bit but in the end if you took care of your planted tank you would have healthy gloso. Now on the other hand, if temps are within freezing range then forget it, once it freezes the glosso is through.
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