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This seems to be the best place to put this. This is a Complete list of plants both aquatic/ emersed grown as well as terrestrial plants i grow and collect. Plants are listed alphabeticaly and by the plant structure. Enjoy! Pics to come!

Stem Plants
-Aciotis acuminifolia
-Bacopa lanigera
-Bacopa salzmannii
-Blyxa japonica
-Cabomba caroliniana 'Silver-Green'
-Cuphea anagalloidea
-Gymnocoronis spilanthoides
-Hygrophila lancea
-Hygrophila odora
-Hygrophila sp. 'Araguaia'
-Hyptis lorentziana
-Limnophila rugosa
-Lindernia grandiflora
-Ludwigia ovalis
-Murdannia sp. 'Red'
-Myriophyllum mattogrossense
-Nesaea triflora
-Penthorum sedoides
-Persicaria praetermissa
-Persicaria sp. 'Sao Paulo'
-Pogostemon helferi
-Poaceae sp. 'Purple Bamboo'
-Rotala macrandra 'Japan Red'
-Sphaerocaryum malaccense
-Staurogyne repens

Rhizome Plants
-Anubias barteri var. barteri
-Anubias barteri var. nana
-Anubias barteri var. nana 'Petite'
-Microsorum pteropus 'Trident'

Rosette Plants
-Cryptocoryne nurri
-Cryptocoryne retrospirilis
-Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia
-Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Green Gecko'
-Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Bronze'
-Cryptocoryne x willisii 'lucens'
-Cryptocoryne leutea
-Cryptocoryne sp unknown?
-Echinodorus sp. 'Aflame'
-Eleocharis belem
-Helanthium sp. 'Sao Paulo'
-Limnocharis sp. 'Sulewasi'

Mosses/ Liverworts
-Monosolenium tenerum
-Vesicularia sp. Unknown (Triangle moss?)
-Blepharostoma trichophyllum (Mini Rose Moss)
-Leptodictyum riparium (Stringy Moss)

Carnivorus Plants
-Utricularia gibba
-Utricularia graminifolia

Cacti and succulants
-Aloe sp. 'Pink Blush'
-Stapelia gigantea
-Zipper Catus -Proper name?
-Rhipsalis sp.
-Optunia argentiniana
-Unknown Catus sp. ( Green Flesh w/ Red Thorns)
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