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Marsilea in 125gl

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What wattage would you try to grow marsilea with in a 125gl low tech? This is stepping away from the WPG guideline a bit, max height is 21".

I'm trying to help a friend pick out the right plants for their first low tech and also get an idea of how much light they may need to upgrade to. They have their heart set on marsilea so far, and I'll probably talk them into crypts, anubias etc. They only have 40w right now.

Thanks -J
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i saw one tank display with marsilea carpet about 60 gallon with only 72 watts of lighting. higher lighting is recommended as i grow my marsilea crazily in my 10 gallon tank with 42 watts.
Cool, I think if I can get them up around 100w with good reflectors they might be ok. Just trying to get a perspective, I've never done low tech nor have i ever had a tank this big. Thanks for the info.
FWIW, I had it growing in my 125 with 2 X 96 AH PCs. The shaded plants definitely grew taller. Wasn't as attractive as it could be.
Interesting, I contemplated suggesting the 2x96 bright kit to them. I just saw your posts in the similar thread in the low tech forum, I'd also be worried that CO2 might be a necessity then, and I don't think I can talk this person into CO2 without scaring them half to death.

For now, I'm deciding whether to tell them to grab some marsilea now or stay away until they get more light. I'm starting to think with 40w over 21", there probably isn't much if any usable light energy reaching the floor for a low plant like that, regardless of how undemanding it supposedly is.

It's not easy being a high techy trying to consult a low tech wannabe with a 125, I'm starting to feel your statement in the other thread... "Out of my experience, So I'll have to defer."
I have Marsilea minuta growing in my high tech 29 and it grows VERY slowly. I wonder what the secret is to get it to grow faster. Anyone care to share?
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