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Marmorkreb colors?

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Do Marmorkreb come in different colors?
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I have heard they sometimes show blue. All of mine are the normal color.
When they turn Blue it means they are old ....unless thats another internet rumour ;-)
I have heard of blue ones popping up, and people trying to separate it. Usually nothing ever comes from it. It might be they just had old ones.
I have a bunch of marmokrebs in one of my tanks, and I've noticed that several of them tend to show different shades of color. Some tend to be more blue, some more red. I've read that differences in water parameters and/or diet can cause these shifts.

I'm not saying that can't be possible, but all of mine are in the same tank eating all the same foods, and are all the same age, so in my case the color shift can't be because of differences in those.
Maybe signs of health issues.
Thanks Bandit. That's the same I've heard about different colors can be thrown. Also seen a white one.

Seems almost counter-intuitive when you talk about cloning, but apparently it happens.
I've never seen a white one, and I have noticed that the ones shifted red/blue don't stay like that, over time they will shift back to the normal brownish tint. I had one that escaped into my cherry tank, and when it crawled out of the moss some time later it was huge, several times larger than the others the same age in the other tank and it was very very blue. I'm not sure if it was the continuous cherry shrimp buffet, or the 24 hour moss grazing that did it. I put it back in the tank with the other two and over the course of a couple of weeks it converted back to brown, possibly due to a molt.

Scroll down the link and yuu'll see a whitish one.
Some very cool pics there, but I meant I've never seen anything like that in my crays here.
I don't think most people have...but mutations and artificial selection are my special interest. :)
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