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I still have a few of these plants for sale. I am also willing to trade for some shrimp also. Just let me know what you are looking for I have alot of plants in my tanks.

Marisela Minuta: .50/Node Extras Included[/FONT
Stargrass: $1 stem[/FONT][/SIZE]
Ludwigia Repen: $2 Stem[/FONT][/SIZE]
Java Moss: $3 Golfball Portion[/FONT][/SIZE]
Blynx Japonica: $4 large[/FONT][/SIZE]
Fissiden Fontanus: $8 portion[/FONT]

Shipping: $5.80 Priority flat rate shipping, Will ship when Paypal is received.
All plants are grown in High light, Co2, EI Ferts, and should be snail free.
There is no guarantee as these are hard to see sometimes.

Also want to trade Salty Shrimp Sulawesi 8.5 unused for SaltyShrimp Bee Shrimp GH+ unused.
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