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Marineland LED fixture!!!

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Hey guys, I work at a LFS and we have had these MARINELAND LED fixtures for a while now, we just moved and I and another co-worker found them and thought AH HA PERFECT...

So I got the 24-36 inch one...
It has 8 White 1watt LED bulbs, and 4 of the 450nm or so blue LED's...
this fixture is BRIGHTTTT!!!! and very slimline...

I was wondering if anyone had PAR readings on this fixture and if anyone was using them... they are just too cool, and cheap!
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Lol, that's how I got mine. They are awesome lights.
How have they worked for plants? I have various LED fixtures that I have, and they have worked fairly well, especially with CO2. then again everything tends to work pretty well with co2 and ferts, lol.
I have no issues with Led for plants. Worked well for my crinums and such.
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