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Hello PT,

I have for sale a Marineland hidden LED 17" light. Currently it is in a custom made housing with another cheap ebay LED.

I would love to sell the entire housing but the Hidden LED alone would be fine too.

The housing was made to fit on a 10g Rimmed tank. Using a gutter for an enclosure and some pipe holders to hang the LEDs. I have both LED's hanging so the gutter can sit on the tank rim lifting the lights a bit for better spread. This was great for a low light 10g setup.

I do not have the suction cups that came with the hidden LED system but do have them for the other LED bar from [Ebay Link Removed] So if you buy the hidden LED system alone, all I can do is send you the bar that it hooks up to in order to put it on the rim of your aquarium. Which is the normal way to put them on anyway.

$20: hidden LED (no suction cups)
$30: for the custom setup with both lights.

I can give shipping estimates based on your location and the speed you would like it in.

If interested PM me your zip. I will be able to put pictures up is apparently blocking imgur now.
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