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Marineland C-Series tip

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Abridged: Rattling noise/lack of functionality cause by faulty impeller assembly. Not air, not bioballs. First time poster, so apologies if this is the wrong forum to post in. I have owned a Marineland C220 for several months now and like many other owners I have had a slight rattle every so often after performing maintenance. Having tried other's advice (fully prime, rapidly press prime button, remove hose slack, gently shake or bump unit, etc.) and found it to be no help whatsoever I began to look into it myself. The problem seemed to randomly occur after removing the canister's head unit, so I took a closer look at the impeller assembly figuring there may be a loose piece of gravel or something lodged inside. However by happy coincidence I discovered that the actual problem was a loose connection of the actual impeller blades to the magnetic cylinder. The blades are not staying tight to the cylinder and the rattle you're hearing are the blades bouncing around. If you remove your impeller and completely disassemble it the problem quickly reveals itself, and a few inches of teflon tape and a tight clamp will solve the problem. I imagine (although do not guarantee) that a dab of aquarium safe adhesive would also solve the problem. Since implementing this fix I've had nothing but a happy experience with my filter. If there are any other C-series users that have had this problem and would like me to go into greater detail, I'd be happy to. And I apologize if this is old news that I simply missed while searching for a solution.
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Hello, I know this post is very old, but I am having the exact same problem you had with your Marineland 220. Can you possibly elaborate on what you did exactly to fix it?

I'm going to take mine apart tomorrow anyway, as I'm expecting new carbon/gfo bags to arrive. When I do, I'm going to take a look at the impeller but would love if I had a solution lined up so I can fix it while I have it apart.

Thanks in advance!
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