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Marineland 53 breeder tank

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Awhile back I had seen this odd sized tank at my LFS. They called it a 53 breeder. It's kinda in between a 40 breeder and 65 gallon. The dimensions of it are 36x18x21. The reason I think it's kind of an oddball size is I thought generally most 50 breeder/tall style tanks were 36x18x19. I'm not sure if it's actually really 53 gallons though because when I put the dimensions in aqavisor, it comes out to 58 gallons.

Would you go for a tank personally this size? One downside is it has a center brace.

Here's a little pic. It's a back view of the tank to give a better idea what it looks like since the huge company sticker is in the front. Btw... notice all the sick pieces of driftwood in the background?

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