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marina hang on breeder box outflow question

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do you guys experience overflow from using the provided grates with the marina hang on breeder box? i've tried adjusting them in different directions with the narrow slits and though it doesn't overflow the box (yet) it starts to flow out of not only the outflow part but the middle of the box where there's an additional slot.

what are some options for the grate? i was thinking of using the plastic mesh i use for tying moss..

just don't want a water mess to come to. thanks!
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I use the boxes for their design purpose of rearing juvenile fish. So that depending on the size of the fish in the box, I have to block off the small overflow in some manor. I usually use small blocks of small celled filter foam like what's used in HOBs. I keep a bucnh on hand and just remove, replace and squeeze out the old one that's clogged. The center overflow is designed as a safety mechanism in case the smaller one become clogged or obstructed in some fashion. So that the choice of material and how often you clean what is in the smaller overflow will determine how much, the center overflow sees water, if at all.
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