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Marimo Ball Betta Bowl?

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Hello all,
I've been wondering lately if it would be okay to have a betta bowl with marimo balls as a sort of "replacement" for substrate, so to say. If I could find a way to heat it, would the marimo balls maintain a suitable water quality for the betta, assuming of course there were large weekly water changes? I am not set on this idea, but I am curious to see what the experts here think :p
Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance :)
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Personally, I would never put a betta in an unfiltered tank. Just because they can survive does not mean that they will thrive.
Please don't keep your betta in a bowl. They do best in tanks of 3 gallons or more. I agree that a marimo ball is not a suitable replacement for filtration, plus you wouldn't have the aeration to cycle the tank. Get a decent sized tank, heated, filtered, you can still have a marimo ball if you want, and cycle it before getting the betta. A tiny, uncycled tank and lack of filtration is asking for disaster.
I'm not planning on following through with this idea, as I have said it was just an idea. Also don't think I even have enough room for a bowl, lol.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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