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EDIT:: SOLD SOLD SOLD! I want to thank every one of you who made a purchase! I'm currently out of crayfish but will be expecting a large batch hatching in about 2 weeks! and because it's a lot of females hatching at the same time ill be posting them even cheaper! :D

Hey guys so i'm new to the forums and wanted to introduce myself. I live in California, a military vet. Currently working as Network Technician and I have a passion for fish! :) I started off with a 30G tank and koi fish..Soon after I purchased my first home and built a pond for the koi fish which after a year a friend of mine bought them. I then moved to Blue tilapia's which I had outside in an Aquaponics system.. Those fish just sold a month ago.. Now i'm working with crayfish and breeding them. I do sell on Ebay but need to find other forums where I can post as well. So on to the listing! :)

Marble Crayfish - .5 to 1 inch. The sale is for 5+1 Free one. I have A LOT of baby crays being born every month and need to get rid of them. If you want to buy in BULK let me know and we can arrange a price. Price for the 5+1 is $10 with a $6 charge for Priority shipping. If you want to place more than 1 order I can use a bigger shipping box which can accommodate 3 orders for $11 shipping. Payment must be done through PayPal.

Marble Crayfish is well-known as Marmokrebs - The world’s only self-cloning crayfish.
Marble Crayfish is female only, no male exist. They breed through parthenogenesis. Basically each of them are capable to breed hundred upon hundred of babies.
Like their other crayfish species, they are omnivore and is ready to eat pretty much of anything.
They grow up to 6 inches by average.
They are harmony in colony and is not aggressive compare to other crayfish species.
They are hardy and highly tolerate to range of PH and quality of water. They can even survive in refrigerator (33.2F) for several days.
With strong colony, they have capable to produce unlimited of food for large fish such as Koi and Cichlids, reptiles, and larger predators.
They are great choice for Aquaponics system since they produce good kind of waste that plants need to grow.

I will be shipping Monday's and Tuesday's ONLY, this is to ensure they won't get stuck in the post office over the weekend. I ship Priority with tracking included.
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