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Marble Betta Spawn - Halfmoon Plakat Cellos

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So everyone, it has finally happened!

My fourth breeding attempt has finally sparked my pair to spawn and the male to NOT eat all the eggs, unlike last time.

The fish are a pair of marble HMPK from Aluka's breeding project, purchased about 6 weeks ago. Conditioned them heavily for two weeks before I decided to breed my male with a female blue/red sister. They spawned, but he ended up eating all the eggs :(

5 days of reconditioning later, and I pop in another one of his sisters with him, and voila, they instantly clicked. 36 hours later, I got them spawning :D

Setup is a 10 gallon, filled halfway with 1 IAL, a bunch of Anacharis, Moneywort, and Guppy Grass. Styrofoam cup was used for the nest as well as a 20 gallon sponge filter, which will be used when the fry are free swimming.

The male is guarding the nest and momma has been placed back into the sorority with minimal nipping/damage. The key to this was that she was slightly bigger than the male :p

Here are the pics and vids!

Here are the pics:
Male/ Dad
Water Plant Green Liquid Fluid

Water Plant Liquid Fluid Fish supply

Female/ Momma
Vertebrate Marine invertebrates Organism Underwater Fish

Plant Organism Underwater Terrestrial plant Fish

Attached are 2 videos: One of the pair spawning and me being a creep, filming them; the other one is about all my tanks and you get to see the nest, my sorority, and setup. I hope to keep all of you updated on the spawn. Cheers!

VIDEO 1 (Spawning):

VIDEO 2 (nest, sorority, setup, etc. ----CAUTION: I blabber A LOT!)
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