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Maracyn and UV

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I have a BGA problem and decided to use Maracyn.

Do I need to turn off the UV sterilizer?
The instructions does not say anything about UV but I know that it affects some medicines. Is Maracyn in that category?
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I think I will try wiht the UV on.
don't turn the UV back on until a full regimen is complete and you already have done the necessary water change and put Carbon in your filter...then turn it back on~
YOu have UV and still have BGA?
I was going to buy UV to control algae but I guess it doesn't work for that.
bga is not an is a photosynthetic bacteria. Though UV is great for bacteria control, the nature of BGA allows it to flouish even with UV until you get to the problem <low circulation, CO2 and NO3> For other algae types especially green water, you cannot beat UV
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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